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Known by day as simply Alex, the alter ego 'The Southernist' came about through a chance meeting with 'The Northernist' at Teesside University.

Responding to a desperate plea for a 'presenter' for a charity marketing campaign, The Southernist's initial offer of help was rejected - on account of not fitting inside the required age range - but when those reservations subsided, fate began to take its course and a fantastic partnership began the two of us started to grow.

As a current mature journalism student at the aforementioned University, maintaining a blog is an important aspect of developing a writing presence and my initial blog Articulate represents a lot of my earlier work.

However, upon seeing the excellent work by Olivia on her own blog, it then occurred that there was an opportunity for this Bristol born and raised man to create a further bond with his new found future and thus 'The Southernist' was born.

Still in its infancy, the hope is this blog will grow and provide a mixture of articles and features that are both informative and thought provoking and most important of all enjoyable.

Comments, good or indifferent on any article are welcomed - as are likes, shares and following the blog if you feel inclined to do so.

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Keep fighting the good fight

The Southernist

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