14 February 2020 Middlesbrough, UK

With it officially breakup season, The Southernist - alongside the help of Twitter and Instagram users - has to come up with the #ultimate #breakup #playlist to help heal our broken hearts. 

According to a Cosmopolitan article, we have come to the end point of what is known as 'breakup season.'

Despite today being a 'day of love' - the period between the 12th December and St.Valentines Day is the the most common time for couples to decide to part ways and strike out on separate paths.

So given this statistic and the fact you decided to click through to this article, it's probably fair to say that a fair proportion of you reading this that will have been recently dumped!

And if that is you, trust me, I feel your pain.

It something I'm going through personally too and it's not a nice feeling at all.

But whilst it may feel difficult to move on and get back to 'normal' - albeit single - life, there are things that we can do that can help to heal the pain and mend our broken hearts.

Taking up a new activity or doing some exercise, getting out and meeting new people and refreshing our diets towards a healthy lifestyle are all positive steps that can be taken that go towards making us feel good about ourselves again.

But another tried and tested method is using music; which is why we looked to come up with the #ultimate #breakup #playlist.

Themed across key post break-up stages, the tracks featured have been selected with the help of suggestions from the kind folk on social media - and we hope they prove to serve a purpose in your time of ultimate need.

The Tear Jerkers 

Someone Like You

In order to heal, you first need to let out the emotional pain.

And what song better describes that initial sense of loss, regret, alongside self-questionable good will towards your ex than Adele's now classic tear jerker Someone Like You

Speaking to MTV about this particular track, part of her record breaking album 21 that chronicles the various emotions Adele went through herself after breaking up with her first love, she revealed that this track provided her with an element of release. 

"I was really emotionally drained from the way I was portraying him, because even though I'm very bitter and regret some parts of it, he's still the most important person that's ever been in my life and 'Someone Like You,' I and to write it to feel OK with myself and OK with the two year I spent with him. 

"And when I did it, I felt so freed."


Nothing Compares 2 U
Sinead O'Connor

Whether its been 7 hours and 15 days or a little less since your breakup, the words contained within the song originally written, composed and performed by Prince are sure to hit a chord. 

Ok, we may be able to see whoever we want and we maybe able to "eat in a fancy restaurant." 

But doing that without our former cherished companion feels unthinkable, empty, impossible, because right now all your brain can think of is the countless fond memories that you an your spent together. 

If you're not aware of the Prince version and wish to 'compare', do check out his version featuring sax solo and dance moves that feel somewhat contradictory to the essence of the song, HERE.

But if you're just wanting a good ol' sob - hitting play on Sinead O'Connor's classic 1990 single, which of course features that iconic video, should do the trick.

If the World Was Ending
JP Saxe ft. Julia Michaels 

Released in October last year, this beautiful paired back ballad featuring the stunning collaborative vocals of JP Saxe and Julia Michaels is sure to get that bottom lip trembling.  

Asking the question of whether our departed love one would come over and stay for the night "if the World was ending" the incessant pleas within the lyrics keenly portray the sense of desperation that can be felt during those initial day's.  

But perhaps the fact that within the song, those repeated questions go unanswered, tell us all we need to know about our new found situation. 

Getting back on track

I Will Survive
Gloria Gaynor

Now you've made it through that difficult early period, the need for the playlist to show the inner growth in you is paramount.

And so rather than look back on things as an inconsolable loss, the message of surviving and being 'ok' in this new life are the subliminal messages you need to hear.

So who better to kick of this period of recovery than one of the original soul queens, Gloria Gaynor and her iconic disco classic?

Ok, at first you were afraid, even petrified. Wondering how you'd ever live without them by your side.

But after spending so many nights thinking how things could go wrong, you've grown strong.

You're not going to lay down and die; oh no, not I... [sing it with me] 

"I Will Survive!"


Don't Speak
No Doubt

This angry rendition of a love scorned by Gwen Stefani and Co is sure to get the mind focused and blood pumping, fuelling you with a positive energy to make bold strides for the rest of the day.

Originally penned as a love song, this anthem for the ages was transformed into a story of personal hurt and pain for lead singer Stefani, as a reflection of her breakup with former partner Tony Kanal.

Echoing those immediate emotions one faces when on the receiving end of a breakup; where you can't bring yourself to actually hear those excruciating final words that bring with them the loss of what was your "best friend" it is perhaps no surprise that this 1996 hit (yes, it's that old!) reached number 1 in the UK, US and Australia, paving way for Stefani's subsequently successful solo career.

But whilst this song may feel very different in the early stages of a breakup, for those entering the recovery period with a mind to attempting to win their ex's back, this song provides a useful reminder of the common advice given across the internet about this situation;

Be in no doubt, you don't speak! 

You Oughta Know
Alanis Morrissette 

But whilst some will be entering into 'No-Contact' either through some forlorn hopes of recovering lost love, or simply because they feel so hurt they don't want to ever see their ex again, others may be harbouring a little resentment to their former love at this stage.

And so what to do about this if you've worked through your initial pain, but the urge to vent some vengeful hard truths to the partner that betrayed you bubbles within?

The best advice would be to look for a peaceful way to get these off your chest, either through some exercise or by confiding in a friend rather than going direct - regardless of the breakup situation, we should all aim to be civil.

But if neither of these do the trick, picturing your ex and then singing loudly the lyrics of Alanis Morrissette's tirade as if they were directed at them might do the trick? 

Ready for love again

Forget You
Ceelo Green

If you've been watching The Masked Singer recently. you would have been reminded of the existence of Ceelo Green as he removed the head of that giant, fluffy, gormless yet cute looking blue monster costume he was hidden within.

But before this high point of his career, a decade earlier Ceelo Green had reached our consciousness and enjoyed a fleeting period of stardom through the tuneful and at times x-rated ditty, Forget You.

The 2010 summer smash, which includes a writing credit for Bruno Mars, may not hold much musical depth to it, but it does provide a resonating message for those ready to move on and find love again through the words that are always satisfying to say out loud - "Fuck You!"


Since U Been Gone 
Kelly Clarkson

This, will no doubt, be a controversial choice for a number of reasons and one of those for sure will be the fact we've gone with the grammatically floored Kelly Clarkson song, rather than the contrasting track of the same title by Rainbow.

But whilst publicly to save face we may deride the Clarkson era of music, secretly, behind closed doors we can't resist a little sing along to this stand out hit for the 2002 American Idol winner. It's something of a guilty pleasure.

Don't believe me?

This single, that lead the release of her 2004 studio album Breakaway, went platinum in the UK and Stateside, amassing over 3.5 million sales, suggesting a copy may be hiding somewhere within your own CD collection.

And so when you've reached that point that you feel you can move on, why not breakout the Clarkson in the comfort within your own home and sing those lyrics like you mean it?

We won't judge you for it - in fact we fully expect you to put it on repeat!

Go Your Own Way 
Fleetwood Mac

The Ultimate Breakup Playlist would not be complete if it didn't include a track from the band of the genre Fleetwood Mac; perhaps the only question marks is why just the one track has been chosen?

And whilst it's true, we could have listed an anthology of Fleetwood Mac's tracks, with the story and sense of feeling behind 'Go Your Own Way' from the multi-million selling album Rumours, this was a must for inclusion.

Written by Lindsey Buckingham, the track would set things up from the off with "Loving you isn't the right thing to do" and in doing so provided an instant insight to the individual band members relationship plights at that time.

Christine and John McVie would later divorce, Mick Fleetwood became estranged from his wife for the second time and Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham would part ways.

But ironically, the tracks acoustic and melodic arrangements can combine to provide a sense of strength within its sentiment for the listener should they choose to hear it, that builds further with each guitar solo.

Indeed as the track reaches it's crescendo, memories of your breakup will surely be all but lost, as you break out into an irresistible bit of air guitar and look forward to fresh possibilities with a renewed determination.

What do you make of our Ultimate Breakup Playlist? Have we missed any crucial songs? Get in touch and get involved with us across social media with your thoughts; after all, as with relationships, things can change. 

The Southernist would like to extend a special thank you to all that previously responded to our requests to put together this playlist, but our deep gratitude goes to the Twitter user known as @kbprseomarketin who really got into the spirit of things with some great suggestions. 

As a final word, whatever your relationship status today, we'd like to offer our heartfelt love and best wishes to you all - happiness is out there for all of us, it's just a case of looking in the right places. 

x x x

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