24 February 2020 A kitchen in Scotland, probably Glasgow, UK

Twitter hero @hargi_ recorded his efforts for posterity, catching our attention and earning our respect in the process

What's the craziest thing you've done after a night on the tiles?

We're sure you all have a story or two to tell, but is it as brilliant as @hargi_'s social media showpiece of making a giant Cadbury's Cream Egg?

Posting his efforts to Twitter in a thread started at close to 1am on Sunday morning, his gargantuan effort would take him through to close to 11pm later that evening.

Opening with expletives, Celtic fan Hargi would comment "First night drinking in nearly 8 weeks, cutting up cream eggs, taking out the cream and trying to make a massive Easter Egg from it.

"Tbf [To be fair], it's always been a dream of mine" he went on to explain, to then immediately quip "That dream being diabetes."

Having managed to get hold of a box of Cadbury's Cream Eggs and a standard 138g easter egg despite it being the early hours of Sunday morning, Hargi would go on to find that it took 15 individual eggs just to fill half of the bigger chocolate cove.

Eventually he would have both halves filled with the delicious insides of many an Easter lovers favourite treat, but would also come across a key problem.

Tweeting at twenty minutes to two in the morning for advice, Hargi was at a loss of how to join the two cream filled halves together, asking his now growing following "I need your best ideas as to how to seal them together, quickly!"

Forthcoming suggests included "Caramel" from @okayiblieveyou  and "Freezer first to solidify" from @Tenerifetim10.

Against the grain of responses @rivet71 suggested "Use the bin. Looks absolutely disgusting, Sorry but they give me the boak [Scottish word for "to retch or vomit, apparently!]."

But thankfully, our man Hargi ignored the haters and was to become triumphant in his quest later that evening, posting a video to Twitter of him enjoying the fruits of his labour.

"See that wee puff and nervous smile?" said Hargi in the text that accompanied the video.

"That right there was the moment it dawned on me that something I've dream about my whole life was about to become reality.

"What a day!"

Highlighted responses to the man's great achievement included;

@seanjonesqc - "you could have at least deep fried it"

@zholtanh - "I am jealous and faintly proud. It's on my bucket list."

@georgeggbsn - "Stop it yr making me so hungry."

@djdirect95 - "Loving the dream mate."

@Lostmyplot - "Life goals right there 👌🏻"

@debby0484 "Omg 😍😍😍 #cadbury take note."

Suffice to say, we here at the Southernist have been suitable impressed by this tale to create this article. What do you make of @Hargi_'s efforts?

The Southernist has contacted @Hargi_ in an effort to get more information about this most important breaking news story. We hope he replies to us so that we can bring you more details - and certainly hope he picks us over releasing information to The Sun!

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