Gromit Unleashed 2 auction raises over £1.6 million for The Grand Appeal

4 October 2018

Sculptures of Wallace, Gromit and Feathers that had attracted thousands of 'Gromit Hunters' to Bristol over the summer were sold to the highest bidders at an event held at Aerospace Bristol last night.

Bristol Children's Hospital will be receiving a further bumper donation thanks to The Grand Appeal, after sculptures of the iconic Aardman Animation films were sold at auction.

Comedian Dawn French presented the event, with Bristol's Concord on hand to cast its wings over proceedings, before she handed over to former President of Christie's, New York and Chief Auctioneer for the evening; Richard Madley.

The first lot to be sold was the David Bowie inspired Wallace, Space-Oddi-Tea for £24,000 to rapturous applause.

And the cash kept rolling in at the packed auction room, supplemented by telephone and internet bidders as Wallambard - a take on engineering legend Isambard Kingdom Brunel who has become synonymous with Bristol - and the bronze finished tribute to the voice of Peter Sallis - A Grand Tribute - both selling for £55,000.

Other notable sales was 'Gromit' which was positioned in Temple Quay over the summer, which sold for £42,000, whilst the meticulously beautiful 'The Emperor' that spent the summer outside the Galleries shopping centre went for £38,000.

In all, 62 of the 67 sculptures that had been placed across Bristol and its surrounding parts were sold alongside a bonus 4 Feathers sculptures; We Are All Stars (by parents of Bristol Children's Hospital), Teacher's Pest (by Rachel Shilston), Gulliver (by Georgie Everard) and The Tourist (by Georgie Everard), raising an astonishing total of £1.62 million.

Did you complete the trail? 

The Gromit Unleashed 2 trail featured 67 sculptures spanning across Bristol as far as Weston Super Mare to the West, Thornbury to the North-East and Chew Magna to the South.

On display across the summer, between the 2 July to 2 September, Gromit Hunters racked up a collective 1,252,727 miles searching for the sculptures as 8,206 people using the dedicated D.O.G.2 app completed trails.

But if you didn't manage to make it to see all of the Wallace's, Feather's and Gromit's, fear not - for The Southernist managed to make it round to all 67 across a pair of marathon 'Grand Day Out' - filming each along the way which you can see via the pair of video's below. 

If the full, feature lengths aren't for you, why not drop in to The Southernist's Facebook page and view a shorter cut from the trail; before heading over to to see how you can still contribute to The Grand Appeal. 

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