5 October 2018

Brainwave of using the bread-crumbed turkey treats as a sandwich filling occurred this Friday afternoon

A Teesside University Master's student put their education to excellent use today, by coming up with the idea of a Turkey Dinosaur Sandwich for lunch.

The Multimedia Journalism student, who today received notification of her award with Distinction, decided to celebrate by combining her favourite Turkey based savoury snack with her love for bread.

Speaking on the "brilliant discovery" the understandably ecstatic student commented "I love being an adult."

Made from a combination of Triceratops, Stegosaurus and T-Rex style turkey dinosaurs, trials with and without ketchup resulted in the inventor and specially invited lunch guest to agree the addition of a tomato based source added further to the overall flavour of the sandwich.

Lauding the "amazing simplicity" of the recipe, the invited lunch guest was quick to praise the "inspired genius" of the inventor, whilst predicting lofty aspirations for the new sandwich;

"It's not often you come across someone that talented, that clever, and yet be so humble at the same time."

"I think this sandwich has the potential to rival the fish-finger sandwich. Maybe even the chip butty? It really is that good!"

Speaking exclusively to The Southernist on her landmark discovery, the inventor - who has not been named to protect her identity - was only to happy to share the recipe (see below) so that readers may recreate this perfect mid-afternoon snack themselves.

"I just want to spread a little Turkey Dino love you know?"

Well we here at The Southernist have certainly found the love.

x x x

Turkey Dinosaur Sandwich Recipe

Ingredients list

1x bag of Turkey Dinosaurs (assorted dinosaur types)
Bread (preferably not mouldy)
Butter/Margarine (optional)
Ketchup (optional)


1. Pre-heat oven as per instructions of Turkey Dinosaur packet
2. Place Turkey Dinosaur pieces (around two to three per sandwich) onto a baking sheet and cook for appropriate time (again see packet)
3. Take out slices of bread (two for a full sandwich, one for a fold-in-half sandwich)
4. Spread butter or margarine over bread (optional step)
5. Add ketchup to the bread (optional step)
5. Once cooked, carefully place the Turkey Dinosaur pieces onto one of the slices of bread
6. Carefully fold the bread / add the other slice of bread to complete the sandwich
7. Enjoy*

*Note, Turkey Dinosaurs will be hot straight from the oven, so please use appropriate blowing technique before consuming. 

Get involved - we want to hear all about your sandwich tastes! What's the best/most unusual thing you've put inside a sandwich? Have a guilty pleasure - then please share!

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